Our Services


We offer a comprehensive set of services to get your podcast off the ground and running. Whether you are just thinking of starting a podcast, ready to build a brand new show from the ground up, or have an established show that could use some new energy, we are here to help you share your story in the most exciting, energetic, professional sounding way possible. Crooked Path Productions is your one-stop-shop to get your podcast sounding great, and help you tell the story you or your business so desperately needs to share. Here’s a look the services we offer.


Before the little red light turns on, and we record, there’s a lot of work that goes ahead of you speaking into the microphone. We’re here to help you set out a road map for your show. Our Pre-Production services include:

WOW WOW and WOW. Jeremiah (of Crooked Path Productions) is an integral part of my podcast production team. He’s professional, responsive and the finished product is VERY high quality. I could NOT recommend him MORE.
— Lindsey Anderson; Traffic and Leads Podcast
  • Show and segment concepts - We’ll work with you to understand the story you or your business wants to share, its tone and personality, and what value that story adds to the industry. And we’ll help you discover how to creatively and sustainably convey it episode after episode.

  • Show introduction/theme and segment bumper creation - Once we’ve nailed down the tone and outline for your show, we’ll go to work creating scripts for your show introduction, and bumpers to segue into the different segments of the show. From there we’ll produce a finished product, using our library of royalty free music and sound effects, giving you full rights to use these clips for as long as you like.

  • Web Hosting and directory registration - Now that you’re ready to start producing episodes you’ll need to register with a web host that will store your episodes and distribute them to the directories where your audience is waiting to find you (iTunes, Google, Spotify, etc.). We’ll walk you through that process and recommend the one that’s right for you and your budget.

  • Guest booking - Chances are your contacts folder is packed full of interesting, industry leading folks who are ready to come on your show and fill your listeners’ ears with sage wisdom and knowledge. But if that’s not the case, or you want to discover the next big voice in the industry, we can connect you with services that will help you do just that!


Now that the Pre-Production is done, it’s time to hit record and let it rip! This is where preparation meets opportunity and you get the joy of sharing the stories you’ve been waiting to share, talk to the guests you’ve been wanting to talk with, it’s all coming together! Here are the production services we offer:

Jeremiah (of Crooked Path Productions) is a consummate professional. He’s produced our Mediajuice Studios podcast for the past year and we’re very pleased with the results. What you get when you work with Jeremiah is not only a technically savvy producer but a highly creative and competent collaborator. I’d recommend Jeremiah highly for anything from a one off audio gig to a full producing & oversight role. Hands down one of the best I’ve worked with.
— Jeremy Snead; The Mediajuice Podcast
  • Recording - At its very core, this is what podcasting is. Recording. Capturing your stories, your message, your conversations so that others can hear it and be inspired, informed and motivated! We can record you and your guests/co-hosts from ANYWHERE in the world. We can also set you up with all the right gear to do your own recordings. And quite honestly, this is the best way to get a great recording for you.

  • On Air Co-hosting - Navigating the recording of a show can be a bit daunting, you’re knowledge of the content is rock solid, but there is definitely a technique and skill required to get through a show checking off all of the housekeeping boxes at the top and bottom of the show, getting in and out of topics and keeping the energy up. We’re here for you! We can come on air with you, and take the helm, making sure your show sheet to-do list is checked off, keep the listener engaged, all the while making you sound like the “rock star in the field” you are!


This is where all of the work comes together. We’ve brainstormed, and outlined a great show, we’ve got great sounding recordings that share your story in a succinct and exciting way, now it’s time to put it all together and share it with your audience! Post production is where we maximize your impact by editing and assembling your episode, here is where we will process your audio through our collection of finely tuned processing plug-ins. This is also our chance to fix any mistakes that were made along the way or chop out any unwanted content and we’ll give the episode one final mastering pass to put that last coat of shine on it before rolling it off the showroom floor! Our Post-Production Services are:

  • Signal Processing - We’ll compress, limit, gate, EQ, and just plain clean up your audio to give it that radio punch! We’ve got the plug-ins & effects and we’re not afraid to use them!

  • Editing - There are a few different ways to edit, we do them all. For pace, we edit to make sure the flow of the show moves appropriately in regards to the subject matter and tone we’ve established in Pre-Production. For repairs, often time guests (and sometimes hosts) stumble on a word, stutter, or say “Uhmmm” a lot. This is when we go in with surgical precision and remove the unwanted utterances and repair the gaps. Consequentially, editing to repair also helps with pace! Lastly, we will edit for content often you’ll find yourself and/or your guest heading down a rabbit trail that doesn’t keep the show on message. We’ll take note of that and remove those rabbit trails creating a seamless transition to keep the conversation moving, unbeknownst to your listeners.

  • Mastering - A lot of podcasters skip this step, for multiple reasons. But. If you’ve made it this far, you might as well finish it off the best way possible. Mastering if a final step of processing, that gives your voice that last bit of shimmer, your music that little extra thump, and takes your show to the next level.

Cover Art

Oddly enough. One of the best ways to get your podcast listened to, is to capture your audience by their eyes. Having great cover art is a must for your show and we’ve got you covered there too! Here are our cover art services:

  • Completely Original Art - Our designer will jump in during the Pre-Production of your show to get a feel for the tone and personality of the show your message, and industry. And come back to the table with a completely original design for your show.

  • Integrated Imaging - Including your strong branding is a must in cover art. Using your provided assets our designer will produce an original image integrating the pre-existing branding into the podcast’s cover art.

Web-Hosting Management

You want to be hands off once the production is done? We totally understand, you’re running your business. So let us take it from here. After the Post-Production phase is complete there’s still some work to do, so here’s a look at our Web-Hosting management services:

  • Show Notes - Whether you want full transcripts or just the highlights, we’ll write up your notes, chock full of keywords to maximize your show’s SEO potential!

  • Upload and schedule publishing - Once the episode is mastered and the notes are written, we’ll upload everything up to the web-hosting service we’ve setup for the show and schedule it’s release date and time.

Ad and Promotional Content Creation

If you’re not ready to jump into full out podcast production but you have a business, product or service you want to let the world know about, we can create the right advertisement for you! Following the Pre-Prod-Post method above we’ll produce a 30-60 radio spot, complete from script, to voice over, to mastered audio file and hand you a polished finished product that can be placed in advertising slots on podcasts and radio shows worldwide. Check out our highlight page for samples of our work.