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 Our Story - Why Crooked Path?

Jeremiah’s story in audio engineering, and production starts over 20 years ago. An aspiring musician, gamer, theater kid who studied dance to boot. Jeremiah found his way to The Recording Workshop in central Ohio where he honed his production chops and finished 6th in his class before taking a job as First Engineer at Immortal Productions in Canal Fulton, OH. From there his career was catapulted into live theatre, and theatrical sound design, live concert sound, and working as a stagehand and audio engineer in some of the biggest venues in Northeast Ohio.

Jeremiah’s life took a turn when he took a full time position at Kent State University working in their media department, and it took yet another turn when he answered the call to step into youth ministry and served for 5 years at two different churches, all the while producing podcasts, and performing on stage. In 2015 it took yet another turn when he decided to step away from full time employment and delve into the world of working for himself, and thus, Crooked Path Productions was born.

Ecclesiastes 7:13 - Consider what God has done: Who can make straight, what He has made crooked?